Use 3D animation to grow your engineering business

Oct 18, 2023

I’m often approached by engineering companies seeking to commission an animated property. The reasons vary, some are seeking tools to boost sales for a specific product or service, others need marketing videos or instructional visualizations.

I find a lot of companies seek communication tools without a thorough understanding of how to speak to their audience. Sure enough, many companies know their customers and what turns them on. What to tell their customers is rarely the issue. How to tell them often is.

This aspect is our specialty. We dissect each client’s message and simplify it so that any audience, technical or otherwise can understand. Then we wrap this message into a 3D animation package that makes their service-offering look amazing.

Tailored messaging for different audiences

Effective presentations have always been a very important aspect of the sale process, and these days, standards are higher than ever. Tailored presentations for different prospects and customers is common, but one critical aspect of sales has remained unchanged for decades – you only close deals by solving your customers’ problems.

We’ve discovered time and again that our clients have maximized the 3D engineering animation properties we’ve created for them to satisfy their customers’ pain points.

A sales meeting made with a prospect for the first-time rarely covers technical or financial information. Once a sales rep successfully navigates the first meeting and interacts with others deeper in a target business, the information conveyed in subsequent meetings needs to change. At Intense, we create 3D animation tailored for different stages of the sales process.

Updates and revisions made easy

3D engineering animation is the most adaptable communication tool for any business. We create web and print collateral from the same assets as we make the 3D movies. The same can apply in reverse.

Equally, when our customers need updates, any revisions made to the original engineering and designs are executed quickly and cheaply. This flexibility makes 3D animation a perfect tool to demonstrate proof of concept, project planning, or any changes to a scope of work. 

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