5 ways to assist your creative agency to get the best work

Mar 1, 2022

Communication tools are created for a variety of purposes and are normally a significant investment. Here are 5 tips to ensure you receive the best work possible from your creative agency.

1. Brief, brief and brief again.

No project ever starts without a content and creative brief. Typically this is a conversation between the client and the principal creative from the agency. The creative will usually bring samples or references from other projects and use these to suggest a creative direction. The outcome of this process is to decide whether the creative direction is going to aid the projection of your information to your key audience. Sometimes, creative’s get caught up in the process of making nice imagery and important communication becomes diluted. Make sure your agency has a clear understanding of what you need to communicate and if you are in any doubt, ask the agency how the imagery is consistent with the intended message.

2. Determine the measurement of success for your creative properties.

It’s paramount your creative agency helps meet any KPI’s and ROI you may have set for your investment. This may be as simple as achieving a specific number of likes on a Facebook page or increase in web traffic. If you have invested in a larger project for sales and marketing, set a revenue target over the lifespan of the project and report back the progress to the agency. In all likelihood your project will need some subtle tweaking along the way.

3. Ensure the project can be used for more than one purpose.

A great commercial advantage of our animation projects is the flexibility to apply the same assets we use in films to web and print collaterals. This economy of scale saves our clients a lot of money, plus, there is no need to commission more than one agency for different creative disciplines.

4. Ensure the project can be updated at a later date

Predictably, any piece of communication is valid only for a certain period of time. We find this is especially the case with our engineering clients who update assets in their communication tools regularly. When you commence a project with your creative agency seek a clear explanation as to how the project can be updated once certain content becomes redundant.

5. Undertake competitor analysis

Help your agency by studying your competition and their communication tools. Point out how your competitor’s messaging differs from your own (either good or bad). This comparison provides a great way to keep your communications “on strategy” and determines a great way for your material to stay relevant to the marketplace for as long as possible.

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