3D Visualization Effectiveness in Influencing Decision Makers

Mar 4, 2024

3D Visualization helps tp convey messages for non-technical audience

During the economic boom times in the oil and gas industry, stakeholders often did not prioritize preserving assets past their operational life. However, recently, this attitude has changed. Lower prices, marginal oil and gas wells in terminal decline, and fierce competition from renewables dictate that extending the operational lifespan of oil and gas equipment, known as asset life extension (ALE), has become critical.

ALE can be defined like this: extending the lifetime of any piece of equipment so that it can continue to fulfill its intended function without compromising its design, technical or operational integrity. All sounds good, but this is not as easy as just keeping up with the maintenance schedule. For example, there is no stopping cumulative degradation like corrosion, wear, and fatigue. Replacement parts becoming obsolete or changes to engineering standards can further complicate ALE.

Broadly, three categories encompass the causes of aging equipment: material degradation, obsolescence, and organizational issues. To a certain extent, the second and third categories are beyond the control of the service operators who don’t manufacture equipment, nor do they always have close involvement with the commercial aspects of the business. It is in the first category that Intense Animation Studio was able to help promote the products and services for Innospection through our integrated 3D Animation Service

Challenges of decommissioning oil and gas assets

While an entirely predictable outcome of operating heavy industrial equipment, decommissioning is an expensive activity that many operators delay for as long as possible. The reasons are obvious. Decommissioning assets requires operators to reassign money and human resources away from revenue-generating activities to complete this task. Operators no longer use a decommissioned asset to access and develop oil and gas production, thereby reducing the revenue stream for their company as a whole.

Innnospection offers a range of diagnostic services that provide operators with detailed knowledge of equipment throughout its lifecycle. Offshore oil and gas equipment requires exacting and thorough inspection. This helps to determine if it’s in the right condition to safely perform at capacity and remain safety compliant.

Conveying Complex Technicalities Using Technical Visualization

3D visualization aiding innospection innovative products marketing

The scenario was that Innospection was in the ideal position to save oil and gas operators millions of dollars. What’s the best way to communicate that?

Just like most companies that specialize in subsea operations, no compelling video-based technical visualization exists to demonstrate the benefits Innospections’ services. Additional complexity arises because Innospection performs the most crucial diagnostics inside risers and pipelines. 

Therefore, a 3D visualization became a necessity. Innospection felt it a good idea to educate potential customers about its methodology because the testing processes are proprietary. 

So, we began ingesting vast amounts of technical data related to the lifespan of subsea assets. Followed by the costs of inspection and maintenance relative to the cost of neglect and eventual replacement. Gaining an understanding of Magnetic Biased Eddy Current is no easy feat, but to say we were impressed by the technology is an understatement.

Using 3D Visualization to convey technical processes

The crucial aspect of selling the Innospection services lies in the non-intrusive nature of the inspections and the production of highly detailed (and visible results). We proposed creating an engineering visualization that demonstrates how inspections are carried out in situ with no magic tricks. We wanted Innospection customers to see machines crawling along subsea pipelines and risers. ROVs deployed into deep water and lowered into the interior of caissons. Then, most importantly of all, prospective customers can review the technical 3D visualization and be provided with every piece of data they’re likely to ever need to make an informed purchase decision. A custom-designed user interface drives an interactive application that encapsulates all this information.

The key to making sales and marketing products about highly technical services like inspections is to consider the lowest common denominator viewer. Engineers may easily understand a service offering like Innospection, but they rarely sign the cheques. Winning over the management, who makes the company’s decisions, and the finance people, who justify those decisions, is crucial. Therefore, we emphasized the true cost-saving nature of employing Innospection services to evaluate ALE. However, more crucially, the likely consequences if these inspections are not carried out. Innospection went off to market and the 3D engineering animation has been a huge success. This is due in no small part to the outstanding technology offered by Innospection in non-destructive testing. Sonomatic acquired Innospection in 2022, and the website still showcases the 3D animation created by Intense to this day.

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