3D Engineering Animation Effectiveness in the Marine Industry

Feb 22, 2024

Franklin Offshore 3D Engineering Animation Projects

Franklin Offshore is a very successful business in the marine industry based in Singapore, with a global presence in Europe, North America, and the Gulf. Franklin is a multi-disciplinary company with a wide variety of service offerings. These include inspection, mooring systems, heavy-steel fabrication, steel wire ropes, rigging systems, anchor chains, and their fleet of barges. Franklin’s long-standing presence in the business earns trust, reliance, and envy from its competitors.

Because Franklin’s service offering is so broad, that created something of a problem.  Franklin’s legacy customers, some as long as 20 years, have used their services only within a narrow scope of work. For example, some of Franklin’s long-time inspection customers didn’t know Franklin owned and operated a heavy-steel fabrication facility. Other mooring service customers knew nothing about Franklin’s naval architecture.

A regular participant in different industry trade shows, Franklin didn’t possess any unified sales or marketing tools. Franklin mostly relied on poor-quality engineering visualizations or brochures from their partners. Understandably, this looked disjointed and inconsistent.

Because Intense Animation Studio specializes in 3D visualizations for heavy industry, Franklin called us to suggest a way (or ways) to educate existing customers about the breadth of service offerings and attract new ones to utilize the entire scope of Franklin’s services.   

Developing Comprehensive Engineering Animation 

Franklin Offshore semi-submersible rig in 3D Model

Understanding our customer’s business needs is our main priority before we offer any kind of 3D Animation service & solution. Franklin was extremely easy to deal with and accommodating. After a few conversations, we gained a solid understanding of how  3D Engineering Animation might integrate into Franklin’s business development processes. We also discussed the typical scenarios in which Franklin reps met with their prospects. The good news was, because Franklin was such a well-established name in the marine industry, most sales presentations were made on a peer-to-peer basis, meaning prospects were usually a captive audience.

The approach we adopted for this 3D Visualization was unique. We proposed a hypothetical, ideal scenario, for Franklin’s business model. In other words, we wanted to create the perfect project that utilized Franklin’s entire (well almost) range of services.

This project was a semi-submersible oil rig booked into Franklin’s Singapore facility for a range of inspection, maintenance, fabrication, rigging, mooring systems, anchor chain, steel wire ropes services, and finally, the use of Franklin’s marine fleet to deliver new equipment to the rig. This film covers the bulk of Franklin’s service offering and provides an excellent introduction to the company for sales and marketing. The 3D Engineering Animation is also suitable for tradeshows, seminars, and conferences.

Compelling Sales Tools for Our Client’s Complete Service Offering

Fortunately, Franklin possessed many 2D technical drawings, CAD, and Solidworks models of their assets. The 3D modeling department received these, or in the case of digital files, handled their conversion and cleanup. 3D models like the semi-submersible rig, waterfront property, anchors, chains, and subsea environments came either from our vast 3D library or were custom-modeled by our team. In some cases, no drawings existed for assets like suction piles or Hercules lifts, so we did a truckload of reference photography to aid the 3D modeling process.

The animation process was enjoyable. We were engaged, in the purest sense, to tell a business story on behalf of our client. A rarity. So, Franklin deserves great credit for placing this level of trust in Intense. 

We also know from long experience working with clients in the marine business, that details are super-important in sales. We created additional 3D visualizations to facilitate customer education on the technical details of Franklin’s inspection, rigging, marine fleet, fabrication, oilfield equipment, and mooring services. As any of us who’ve been involved in the entire sales process, multiple meetings with different stakeholders are the norm. And it’s necessary to offer different content to different people in the sales funnel. To make presentations easy, we designed and programmed a custom, interactive application for reps and marketing folks. This approach will enable them to present as much (or as little) content as necessary.

Integrating 3D Animation for Commercial Business Success 

Franklin Offshore implements 3D Engineering Animation in business processes

Franklin first released their new 3D interactive application at the OSEA (Offshore Southeast Asia) event in Singapore. In the booth, Franklin installed a dozen or more touchscreen LEDs for visitors to explore the company’s services. This event and the subsequent use of the animated content was a huge success. The 3D visualization has a long shelf-life and is still in use today. In addition to facilitating the company’s sales and marketing functions, Franklin actively utilizes 3D Engineering Animation on its social media accounts and at many other trade shows around the world.

Franklin has demonstrated perfectly how to incorporate  Engineering Visualization in business processes. Franklin has successfully demonstrated their entire range of products and services while conducting sales. It is consistent with their marketing strategy and reached a new audience via social media and trade shows.   

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