Intense Animation Studio

Image solutions for heavy industry

Find out why interactive 3D animation will transform your marketing.


Enhance your product presentations with 3D visualization.


3D scanning and engineering modeling accelerates productivity, delivering precise measurements and saves you money.


We specialize in image solutions for oil and gas, construction, mining and heavy industry.


Sales and Marketing

Our 3D interactive applications allows your project to be updated with next generation products or services.

 Mooring System

Business Development

Display a 3D animated film during a trade show or exhibition to introduce your company’s products and services to potential buyers.

Credentials Presentation

Present your credentials with 3D visualizations designed to make complex concepts easy to understand.


Technical Evaluation

Communicate directly with decision makers with an interactive 3D application using precise engineering specifications.


Training and Education

3D animation is a fantastic training tool. Multiple interactive features delivers comprehensive training applications.



Scalable and Updatable

Our 3D interactive applications allow your project to be updated with next generation products or services.


Physically Limitless

3D visualizations accurately replicate remote and inaccessible locations like downhole, subsea and aerial environments.